(Your) Remote Workers: Happier, More Loyal, and More Productive

Inc. magazine recently reported on a new study published by OwlLabs: the State of Remote Work for 2019. OwlLabs surveyed remote workers AND on-site workers on a variety of remote work-related topics.

Inc. noted three aspects of the report that we thought would be particularly interesting to people starting their own all-remote companies: employee happiness, loyalty, and retention.

Happiness. The OwlLabs report states that 71% of remote workers say they are happy in their job, vs. 55% of on-site employees.

Loyalty. OwlLabs found that remote workers are likely to stay (for the next five years) in their current job 13% more than on-site workers.

Productivity. Remote workers surveyed by OwlLabs say they work more than 40 hours per week 43% more than on-site workers do.

Having an all-remote team enables you to attract top talent; as the OwlLabs report shows, offering remote work can help you keep top talent as well.